Kodarit is going international!

In the first blog post of Kodarit’s new english website, we will discuss what Kodarit is about and what internationalizing our educational portfolio actually means. Our new spearhead of international operations Elja will also introduce himself and explain what motivated him to work at Kodarit. 

So, what Kodarit is about?

We are the largest private programming school in Finland which challenges kids, youngsters and adults to dive into the world of coding in a fun and visually comprehensible way. Locally in Finland, we are the largest private educator among 9-14 year old children, but we also teach adults!

In our Level 1-4 coding courses, we teach practical programming skills, algorithmic thinking (also called as computational thinking), game design and computer sciences with fun and diverse exercises in learning environments that are designed to be beginner-friendly. We highly value personal teaching, and this is why our courses have usually around a maximum of 10-15 participants per learning group, including live coding teachers! 

Coding center at Tampere

In Kodarit’s courses, we want to foster positive vibes and our coding teacher takes care that the whole learning group and/or classroom keeps on track with teaching. Our guiding pedagogic principle is that when you make learning fun and easy to approach, then programming skills become more mainstream phenomena instead of being an area of expertise within a marginal professional group.

The teaching is based on level courses. Student can move to the next level in the next period. We teach in diverse learning environments so that the versatility of coding becomes familiar to our students.

How Kodarit is going global?

Kodarit going international

Kodarit starts its international operations by offering Level Courses 1-4 and Trial Courses internationally, so anyone can attend them remotely from anywhere in the world! Seasonally, we also hold Open Webinars, where anyone interested in coding can join and get to know how we teach algorithmic thinking with visual programming exercises and get students engaged to learn in fun and easily approachable way. Our coding teacher also tells why learning programming and computational thinking are essential skills to learn in the modern world. The next open webinar is on 19th of August 19:00 PM EEST (click here to apply: https://kodarit.fi/en/webinars/).

During the holiday seasons, we also arrange game development and programming related classroom teaching camps and virtual boot camps. Clasroom teaching takes place only in Finland, but we keep our minds open for possibilities to localize in certain continents if the time zone differences turn out to be a challenge in running the courses from Finland. This also means that in the future, we might consider creating our own Kodarit teacher training programs and/or start licensing our course materials for educational partners to be taught. 

Teaching kids remotely

With all these opportunities in the horizon, we are very open for new collaboration opportunities, so if you are representing an educational organization, working in the field or otherwise think that we could work together, don’t hesitate to directly contact Elja on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/eljasuhonen/) or give him a call! With our newly re-defined design, you can go to Kodarit’s English websites and read more about our educational offerings: https://kodarit.fi/en/front-page/


And who is Elja? Let him tell himself!

I’m Kodarit’s fresh hire who joined the team in April 2020 with a tremendous passion to continue my career aspirations within educational sphere; I’ve always been highly interested in solving educational challenges and creating new learning & teaching innovations. With my earlier company, I worked for 5 years in enabling AI-based virtual tutoring platform called Co-Teacher, which helped to free the workload of educators in their daily routine work.  My entrepreneurial and professional journey has prepared me with a significant amount of education technology, learning management and internationalization expertise.

I greatly appreciate Kodarit’s commitment in providing personalized learning support with live teachers. I’m also very impressed by the company’s important mission to provide a fun and easily approachable way to learn programming that is accessible for everyone. I further argue, that educating people for jobs and research tasks requiring hard technology and logical/scientific reasoning skills is a global statistical trend in the labor market. For this reason, I think that development of easily approachable and high-quality coding teaching & pedagogy is in itself an important and influential act. 

When I started at the current position, I was immediately instructed to attend Kodarit’s Unity game programming course as a “test student”. Here are my reflections on the course: Pedagogic approach of the course was well-instructed, straight-forward, visual and insightful through practice. The teacher made sure that everyone progressed at the same pace and that all the so-called “stupid” questions could also be asked. It should be noted that the average grade of all the Kodarit course feedback (by both children and adults) is more than 4/5 for each course held and previous season 100% of course attendees recommend courses to others. I can clearly see why.

This was the first blog post for our English website! You can expect us to share more thoughts on coding, programming education and Kodarit in general very soon. 😉

Elja-Ilari Suhonen

Elja-Ilari Suhonen
Head of New Business & Technology, International

In all international matters, here is a link to book virtual meeting with Elja: https://calendly.com/elja-suhonen

Kodarit is going international!